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Published: 7 years ago

Game of Thrones Theme Song on the Accordion with Naruwan Taiko

It was an honor to accordion-bomb the stupendous Naruwan Taiko troupe in San Diego, which is led by my friend and ninja, Diana Wu. I’m hoping this sparks the latest hashtag and hot trend: #AccordionBombing. But thus far, there has yet to be any …

Published: 7 years ago

The Happy Island Song

If I’m going to publicly debut my ukulele-playing skills, I might as well do it with 150 children backing me up. (P.S. This is not an original composition. We’re performing a song written by New York singer-songwriter Mike Soloway.)

Published: 8 years ago

LAF-OFF: The All-Stars Edition

Against my better judgment, I agreed to participate again in this year’s LAF-OFF (Lawyers Are Funny) stand-up comedy competition for lawyers to raise money for the San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program. For those who want to witness my potential epic fail, I’ll be taking …

Published: 8 years ago

My Appearance on Soul Train

Back in 1993, one of my friends, Suraya Fadel, was a regular dancer on Soul Train. When we went out clubbing, Suraya was always amused at my antics on the dance floor. So one weekend, she invited me to join her on the show. …

Published: 10 years ago

What A Traditional Master of Ceremonies at a Japanese-Korean Wedding Reception Looks Likes

Congrats to the Wookudas!