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Published: 7 years ago

My One-Year Old Son Helps With The Crossword

Published: 7 years ago

Spotify Playlist: Lullaby Music That Helps The Baby Sleep But Doesn’t Make Me Homicidal

For some reason, somebody decided that babies like to sleep to music that feels right at home in a horror movie. To remedy this, I made a playlist of quiet songs that we listen to when we need/hope our younger son to sleep.  Here …

Published: 7 years ago

Best. Lunchbox. Ever.

I received this gift from my soon-to-graduate law students in Section 17B who were in my class when they were 1Ls. As a collector of metal lunch boxes, I can say that this one is priceless.

Published: 7 years ago

My Office Has A Mayor

I recently learned that “Office Of Junichi Semitsu – Professor Of Law By Day, Samurai By Night” is a location that one can check into on Foursquare.  Thankfully, the keys have yet to be given to the Mayor of my office.

Published: 11 years ago

Best Quotes of 2008

Yet again, staying true to my OCD, I wrote down all the unbelievable, outrageous, inspiring, insipid, bewildering, or hilarious statements made this calendar year. Enjoy. – JPS   “It is the best summary of his presidency, which is: everything looks perfect from his point …

Published: 12 years ago

Your Criminal Record, A Click Away

  Despite being someone who doesn’t seem to mind displaying much of his personal life in public fora, I am deeply troubled by our exponentially eroding privacy rights.   The latest website stripping away walls is http://www. criminalsearches. com. (I don’t want to directly …