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Published: 7 years ago

Let Us Gather, My Fellow Inch Worms

When I need inspiration, guidance, or wisdom (which is always), I often look to the words of June Jordan.  (The photo of us above was taken in my San Francisco flat back in 2000.) Today, I re-read my favorite book of her poetry, Kissing …

Published: 16 years ago


for Dima   We are the children of bombs of broken glass & shrapnel shadows   My mother records her first memory Japanese porcelain dolls arranged like soldiers in kimonos torpedo to the tatami mat shatter like bullet shells as American B-29s carpet bomb …

Published: 17 years ago

Remembering June Jordan

June Jordan was the most amazing teacher. Ever. Period. Yet, despite being one of the many fortunate students she transformed into a poet, I can’t seem to conjure up a metaphor that truly captures her. No twister, tsunami, or tidal wave illustrates the force …